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iShuttle Dictate

iShuttle Dictate is a voice recorder application that sends dictation directly into the WebShuttle transcription platform. Download it from iTunes and upload voice files directly into your WebShuttle account. The mobile app is free for a limited time and a WebShuttle user account is only $10/month.




Product Details

 iShuttle Dictate is a mobile app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  iShuttle has many advantages over handheld recorders.  Similar to a handheld recorder, iShuttle allows the user to record dictations on a mobile device.  However, one huge advantage is that dictation files can be immediately sent to transcriptionists through a wireless Internet connection.  This means that there is no need to dock the device or connect it to a USB cable.  Also, the cost can be significantly less.  For users that already have an iPhone or iPod Touch, there is no cost of the app. For users that don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch, a new iPod Touch sells for about $220 which is less than many handheld recorders.  Unlike an iPhone, the iPod Touch does not require a cellular phone service.


iShuttle Dictate will send files directly to our WebShuttle platform where they can be immediately accessed by transcriptionists.  WebShuttle manages and organizes dictation and transcription files so that workflow is simple.  A WebShuttle User account is only $10/month.


User Interface:


Download from iTunes

Available on the App Store


Customer Feedback

"Just wanted to state that I have been a customer of Bytescribe for the past 7 years and not only is their Dictation System completely user friendly (both dictator and transcriber functionality), but customer service received from Bytescribe staff is impeccable! Bytescribe is the BEST for dictation services!!!"    Lori - Algonquin, Illinois

"I have always felt I was getting a superior quality product at a reasonable price with stellar customer support."
Joy - Anaheim Hills, CA