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Windows 7 & 8

With the release of Windows 7 and Windows 8, we have received some questions about the compatibility of Bytescribe products with the new version of Windows, and about what issues might come up if you upgrade to 7 or 8 or get a new computer with 7 or 8 already installed.


At this point, all Bytescribe products are 7 and 8 compatible, although in some cases newer versions of drivers or software may be needed.  We've listed our products and services below, with their 7 and 8 compatibility, any issues that may arise, and links to any downloads that may be needed.


If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please feel free to call us at 800-201-7050 or to send an email to info@bytescribe.com.


Product Compatibility List


DocShuttle Administrator - 7/8 compatible, if UAC is turned off (click here for instructions)
DocShuttle Dictator  - 7/8 compatible, if UAC is turned off (click here for instructions)
DocShuttle Transcriptionist  - 7/8 compatible, if UAC is turned off (click here for instructions)


WebShuttle Service - 7/8 and MAC compatible.  WebShuttle sends files in either .mp3 or the TrueSpeech .wav format, whose codec is not included with Windows 7/8.  Users will need to install either the newest version of the WavPlayer from our Downloads page or the free TrueSpeech Codec Installer


Dongle license key - 7/8 compatible.  Dongle users will need to download and install the new Dongle drivers from our website at /downloads/dongle_install.exe.


eShuttle Dictate  - 7/8 compatible
eShuttle Transcribe  - 7/8 compatible


Export Utility - Export Utility can convert files to a range of audio formats, including the TrueSpeech .wav format, which is not included with Windows 7/8. In order to convert files to the TrueSpeech .wav format, you will need to download and run Bytescribe's free TrueSpeech Codec Installer from /downloads/tsp_codec_install.exe.


Import Utility  - 7/8 compatible


Orator Digital Dictation Systems including Dictation Kits, Express, Pro, and Enterprise systems are 7/8 compatible. 


SwiftText  - 7/8 compatible


WavPlayer foot pedals - USB foot pedals are 7/8 compatible; Serial Port foot pedals are not recommended for use with Windows 7 or 8.


WavPlayer software - 7/8 compatible.  The newest version of the WavPlayer will be needed in order to play TrueSpeech .wav files.

Customer Feedback

"Just wanted to state that I have been a customer of Bytescribe for the past 7 years and not only is their Dictation System completely user friendly (both dictator and transcriber functionality), but customer service received from Bytescribe staff is impeccable! Bytescribe is the BEST for dictation services!!!"    Lori - Algonquin, Illinois

"I have always felt I was getting a superior quality product at a reasonable price with stellar customer support."
Joy - Anaheim Hills, CA