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Dictation Servers

The Orator Digital Dictation System is a multi-line telephone dictation and transcription system. Dictation is recorded over telephone lines and stored on a computer hard drive as compact voice files. The voice files are then accessible for transcription. The system is a reliable alternative to expensive dictation systems. Anyone who has used voice mail or other dictation systems will feel familiar with this system.

Orator Dictation Kit

Image not available The Orator Dictation Starter Kit is an affordable, out-of-the-box, do-it-yourself dictation kit. Transcription companies and medical facilities can build their own reliable dictation servers for a fraction of the cost.
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Orator Express

Image not available The Orator Express Digital Dictation System is an affordable 4 line call in system.  This system is very suitable for small transcription companies or clinics wanting a cost effective digital dictation for use with phone lines.  
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Orator Pro

The Orator Pro Digital Dictation System is mid-range dictation system built on a Dell computer.  This system has mirrored drives and runs on Microsoft Windows.  The system is expandable to 12 ports.  Onsite hardware maintenance contract provided.
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Orator Enterprise

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The Orator Enterprise Digital Dictation System is high-end dictation server featuring mirrored SCSI drives on a Dell server platform. The system is expandable to 48+ ports. Onsite hardware maintenance contract provided through Dell.

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Orator VoIP

Image not available The Orator VoIP is dictation software that uses Voice over IP technology to record dictation.  Callers can continue to use standard analog telephones or they can use VoIP telephones.  The software can be installed on a standard Windows computer with a broadband Internet connection.  The Orator VoIP solution requires no hardware or telephone lines.   Voice over IP can be far less expensive than standard telephone lines.
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Orator Express VoIP

The Orator Express VoIP system is a complete Voice-over-IP based dictation server ready to go out of the box.  This system uses the latest VoIP technology and comes preinstalled with a VoIP account.  Just plug in an ethernet cable with Internet access.  Each system comes with a toll-free number for dictators to use to dictate into the system.  It is the easiest dictation solution ever. 
Cost:  $1,999 for 4-port Orator Express VoIP Dictation System  

Set-up Instructions

1.  Take system out of the box.  Plug in power and ethernet Internet cable. 
2.  Add user IDs to dictation software.
3.  Give toll-free number to dictators.  
That's it. 
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Customer Feedback

"Just wanted to state that I have been a customer of Bytescribe for the past 7 years and not only is their Dictation System completely user friendly (both dictator and transcriber functionality), but customer service received from Bytescribe staff is impeccable! Bytescribe is the BEST for dictation services!!!"    Lori - Algonquin, Illinois

"I have always felt I was getting a superior quality product at a reasonable price with stellar customer support."
Joy - Anaheim Hills, CA