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VIS Mic Station


Bytescribe offers a handheld microphone station that is ideal for PC dictation. The Bytescribe Voice Input Station (VIS) offers a comfortable handheld microphone with a slide recording switch. An optional bar code reader is available for scanning medical record numbers. The microphone station will work on any USB compatible computer with sound card. VIS integrates with DocShuttle Internet Transcription System so that files recorded on a PC can be directly transferred to the Internet using secure encryption. DocShuttle manages workflow of voice and text files over the Internet. 


Bytescribe VIS Microphone Station

with DocShuttle Dictator Software


The VIS microphone allows one-handed recording using the convenient slide switch for controlling the record, stop, playback and rewind functions. VIS also has mic control buttons for fast forward, priority status and send dictation. Base unit controls are also available. Dictation can be played back on the base speaker or hand unit. An optional foot pedal and external microphone jack is available for hands-free dictation.


VIS also offers an optional integrated point-and-click bar code scanner. The scanner supports most common bar code formats. Scanning patient or medical record numbers can save dictators time and store needed information.


Better than Handheld Recorders

The VIS microphone is easier to use than handheld recorders because it eliminates the steps of transferring or uploading files from the recorder to the PC. There is no need to deal with batteries or flash memory cards. Also, the comfortable handheld microphone with slide switch is preferred by most dictators.


VoiceRecorder Software


VIS controls the DocShuttle VoiceRecorder software. This software records dictation as .wav files directly to the computer hard drive. DocShuttle VoiceRecorder software automatically generates file names with key fields including user ID, date, sequence number, status and optional medical record number. Files are automatically imported into the DocShuttle Dictator module to be uploaded to an FTP site as files are completed. The DocShuttle Dictator window will display transcribed text documents as they are completed by transcriptionists.


Summary of Microphone Features:


Slide Recording Switch
Single Handed Operation
USB Connectivity
Comfortable Handheld Design
Base or Hand Speaker Playback
Automatic Secure Internet Transfer
Priority Status Option
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Optional Foot Pedal Control.
Recording Light Indicator
External Mic and Speaker Jacks
Optional Bar Code Scanner


System Requirements:


Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Sound Card
USB Port



About Bytescribe
The mission of Bytescribe is to provide healthcare solutions through information technology, innovative thinking and quality work. We are focused on improving healthcare through better workflow and efficiency while striving to maintain the highest level of integrity and customer satisfaction.