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Can the Olympus DS-2400 or DS-2500 recorder record in .dss format?
By default, the Olympus DS-2400 recorder records in a new .ds2 format.  By replacing the firmware on the recorder, it can be configured to record in .dss format.  Below are the steps: ......
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When I connect my Olympus recorder to my PC, Windows Explorer pops up showing the contents of the recorder. How can I prevent this?
Do the following (instructions are for Windows XP): 1.  Connect the recorder. 2.  Open up Windows Explorer.  Right-click on the drive letter (e.g. \"E:\" drive).  Select \"Properties\". 3.  Click the \"AutoPlay\" ......
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The Olympus DS-5000 recorders record in .ds2 format. Can they also record in .dss format?
Yes, the DS-5000 recorders can be configured to record in .dss format.  This must configured through the DSS Player Pro software.  Select \"Tools | Options\" from the DSS Player software, then ......
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When I connect my Olympus recorder to the docking station or USB cable, a window appears showing various folders appears. How can I stop this from happening?
When using Olympus handheld recorders with DocShuttle software, sometimes a window may appear showing various folders that exists on the recorder. This is due to the AutoPlay feature in Windows. Since ......
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