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How do I import from multiple recorders into Docshuttle Dictator software?
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There are two methods from importing from multiple recorders.  If you are using Olympus recorders, you can use method 1 below:

Method 1:  Use the "Use Olympus File header information" checkbox
1.  Make sure that the recorder is recording in .dss format (and not .ds2 format). 
2.  Stamp each Olympus recorder with the dictator's user ID by changing the "Author ID" on the Olympus recorder.
3.  Check the "Use Olympus File header information" checkbox in the DocShuttle settings on the "Import" tab.

Method 2:  Use different import folders for different recorders
1.  Have one dictator dictate into Folder A of the first recorder.
2.  Have another dictator dictate into Folder B of the second recorder.
3.  Set the import folders to import from Folder A and folder B as showing below:


Last update: 10:50 AM Monday, May 3, 2010

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