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What is FTP? What is an FTP site?
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Most people who have viewed web pages on the Internet are familiar with HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).  This is the protocol used to view pages using a Internet Browser.  Another similar method of accessing files on the Internet is FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  This is a method that allows uploading and downloading of multiple files unlike HTTP which is usually used for viewing pages or downloading one file at a time.  A sample address of an FTP site would be or

An FTP site is basically a web site that resides on a web server.  An FTP web server is a computer that is connected to the Internet and is running some web server software such as Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), BulletProof FTP Server, WS_FTP Server, etc.  The FTP server can run on a number of different operating systems including Windows, Unix, Linux, and others.


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